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Now Open for Commissions


As mentioned previously, I am now open for
so here are the guidelines:
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PayPal ONLY please.

Email dthnix24@gmail.com
or leave a comment with any questions.

[One Piece] CrazyxCrazy


Title: CrazyxCrazy
Circle: Matsumoto Family
Pairing: Zoro/Luffy
Scanlation Team: for_gem_box & summarpirates

Download: MediaFire | Megaupload

Here we have a new DJ~ This isawesome and saves my arse because I'm only half-way through the chapter I was gonna release today ^_^'' so check back with me tomorrow for the final release of Free Punch~

I do want to say, though, THANK YOU for all your understanding and support with all that's going on. Hopefully things willsettle down sooner rather than later.

Halco GinShin Doujinshi Part 2

I am sooo sorry I'm late with this, but for some reason everytime I tried to upload these yesterday my browser crashed DX

Still, better late than never~ Here is the next 5 Halco dj for you to enjoy~ I have to say, 11/12/13 are my favourites. I have a soft-spot for 3Z and Gin-chan-sensei Glasses fettish? What glasses fettish? XD I can't tell you what it was like waiting for part 3 to come out ._. I thought I was going to die D:

I am back at work now, so there won't be anymore daily posts for a while, but I am hoping to finish off NYNY over the next week/two weeks and then make a start on 'No Color'. I'll be working on two projects at a time more or less throughout all of this year so expect alternate posts of one series then another and more regular posts... I'm thinking Weds and Sats, but I need to work up some speed first so not right away :D

And please remember that any help you want to offer, give me a bell: dthnix23@googlemail.com or send me a pm~ I'll do a cover-scan of all my doujinshi sometime soon, too.
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Halco GinShin Doujinshi

Here we are~ 5 Halco GinShin doujinshi for you to enjoy~

I have 10 altogether, which means I'm missing 5. I've got 4 on order but I can't seem to get my hands on Setogiwa Rock, which was Halco's first GinShin way back in 2004 [I think]. Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know the title of no. 8 either. I thought it was Slowlife is Sunnydays 2 [which I have on order] but I'm not sure... Well, anyway, look forward to some more tomorrow~

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[One Piece] Princess Bitch #1


Title: Princess Bitch #1
Circle: Matsumoto Family
Pairing: Zoro/Luffy
Scanlation Team: for_gem_box & summarpirates

Downloads: MegaUpload | Mediafire

Notes: I know a few of you havealready seen this over @ summarpirates but for those of you who haven't, NEW ZOLU DOUJINSHI! Yes, I know it's been forever since I released anything remotely ZoLu... I am sorry... I actually have about 6 half-finished ZoLu doujin sitting on my computer waiting for me to remember them catch up a bit. D:

Along with about 10 Gintama Halco DJ... 20-odd Oofuri by Jigen... and 40-60 anthologies in Oofuri, Prince of Tennis and One Piece... :x Yeah...

But SummaRPirates were nice enough to do all the hardwork, so here you have a release XD Part two will be coming along... as soon as I get some time to do the script -_-'

[Ookiku Furikabutte] Reach for the ~


Title: Reach for the ~.
Artist/Circle: 900MW
Pairing: Tajima/Hanai

Warning: Not Safe For Work

Download: MediaFire | Megaupload

Yummyness ^_^ A little dash of smut to start a Friday off just right~

I guess you can probably tell, but I'm taking a little break from Kodomo no Iibun to get some of the other projects done that have been piling up. But fear not! You won't have to wait too long for the next chapter, I promise ;)

[One Piece] The World Is Mine


Title: The World Is Mine
Artist: Hori Tomoki
Pairing: Uso/San... kinda?

Download: MediaFire | Megaupload

I really, really love this story. I say this about all the projects I do 'cause I don't do them if I don't like them :) but this has got to be one of my Top 3 One Piece dj. It's so, so sweet... It gives me warm fuzzies...

Oh, and I forgot to mention it, but the *RELEASES* page is now a google webpage. Because LJ really, really hates me and my rubbish html skills ._.

Anyway, enjoy~

[Prince of Tennis] Snow Wars


Title: Snow Wars
Artist: Monkey-Space [Morisato Yuuji]
Pairing: None

Download: MediaFire | Megaupload

You know... I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere, has done a scanlation of this before... oh well, I enjoyed working on it and hopefully you'll enjoy reading it :)

I'm really sorry about Mizuki's accent... It's meant to be really rough and 'downtown'... but it just came out dumb... I'm sorry ._.

And, I'm sorry if the daily posting gets on anyone's nerves ^_^' I have time off work alone in the house, and I've gone a bit scanlation-crazy 8D

Title: Precious Sweet Present Heart
Author: Bakudanburo [Jigen]

Download: MediaFire | Megaupload

Awww... I love this dj. I'm an avid collector of Jigen's works, but I have to say that this is definitely in my top 3 ^_^

Also... I'm sorry, I didn't manage to finish Children's Time chapter 4 -_-

Hang in there, we'll get there soon!

[One Piece]Short Stories

Here we go~ This is just a collection of three short ZoLu doujin. for you One Piece fans.

I should have a short Oofuri doujin. for you tomorrow, and maybe-possibly-but probably not the next chapter of Mainichi. I'm so distracted trying to read the novels [argh, solid text TT_TT] that it's taking forever. You may have to wait 'til next week [damn, but it annoys me when that happens]

Download: MediaFire | Megaupload